How to use Email Marketing to Engage and Delight your Customers

As a full-service Digital Agency, we are not limited to delivering amazing branding solutions, engaging custom-designed websites or online marketing.

We also understand the importance of email marketing that should be in every marketers' toolkit. eDM email broadcasting ins still the standard in bringing customers back to your website and keep your business and services in the forefront of your buyers' mind.

Are you over email for marketing?

Let’s face it. Many of us are having a sheepish love affair with our email inboxes. Do you get a little anxious if you haven’t checked it in a few days or maybe a few hours? Does your heartbeat a little faster as the new email from your favourite shop is opening to reveal a long-awaited sale? When you see a response from a job application, do you feel like if someone took that little closed envelope icon away from you, you might die? You’ve got an e-crush and you’re not alone. That is why email marketing is so effective.

The nature of human interaction is becoming increasingly electronic. People are linked to each other via landlines, mobiles, emails and social networks. So when you can communicate with your clients via their email, it’s nearly as personal as sharing a cup of tea together! That’s not to say you should abandon all your other marketing efforts because there are still plenty of important people that don’t have access to email or just aren’t turned on by it.

Building your database with eDM campaigns

Having an email database abundant with clients that have willingly opted-in to a digital dialogue with you is a priceless achievement, so you want to keep these contacts happy. Don’t corrupt their beloved inbox with excessive newsletters, updates and offers. This is their space and they will quickly become annoyed and may mark your incoming messages as spam. You will never achieve a heart flutter with this amateur behaviour. Play it cool.

There is an alternative to building your own client database but I don’t recommend it. Buying or renting a list of contacts can be quite cheap, yes, but there’s a reason for that. The lists are long, the longer the list the more likely it is to be outdated, the more outdated it is the more likely it is to contain dead email addresses and contacts that are irrelevant to your business.


If you email a mass amount of mystery people that haven’t given you permission to send to them, you could become blacklisted so you will be identified as a spammer which robs your company of a very valuable communication resource. Once you have welcomed access to that precious inbox, don’t let yourself go! The content of your emails is the next important thing because gaining a list of opted-in contacts is one thing but keeping them subscribed is another.

Then build your relationship with segmented lists for personas

Email newsletters are great at bringing traffic to your site, hooking web apps back to email gives users a gateway to use them. Depending on what your email entails, you can simply present your client with useful and entertaining news rather than attempting to generate a direct sale every time you hit their inbox.

Email promotions and offers generate immediate action, sales, downloads, inquiries and registration. For retailers, emailing small vouchers is extremely successful in driving sales and traffic into stores. Not to mention how cost-effective it is when compared to producing and delivering printed forms.

eDM marketing can be as targeted or as broad as you like. It is database driven and these databases can be segmented, so your emails can be customised for each Buyer Persona you want to target - which is especially useful when planning campaigns aimed at specific target audiences with a specific message.

We custom-design email templates according to your brand guidelines, creating a seamless experience for your customers. If you're ready to up your email marketing game, we would love to hear from you.

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